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How we can help you
LiquorPros helps Colorado establishments in three ways  ​

Liquor hearing prep: We at LiquorPros are experts in state, county, and city guidelines. With years of experience all over the state of Colorado we know the pitfalls and regulations well. We help connect you with some of the top liquor licensing lawyers in the state so that you can get approval without all the headache. The liquor license attorneys help in two very critical areas of the application process; the application and the hearing representation. We handle the other critical areas of the needs and desires surveys and training. 

​Neighborhood surveys: Transparency and accuracy are vital to any new locations applying for a liquor license. This is especially true of the neighborhood wants and needs surveys that take place. This can either be your biggest ace in the hole, or your biggest pitfall. LiquorPros is dedicated to an impartial and unbiased survey. Why? Because when you’re sitting in front of the liquor board unbiased accuracy will always win. 

Responsible Vendor Training: LiquorPros has spent years refining training for the service of alcohol, all to make it better for you. What we at LiquorPros do is deliver all the necessary rules and statutes in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and when we can downright funny.

The Training We Do
Surveys done right
At LiquorPros we make sure that your neighborhood surveys are done right. Our team of professionals are equipped to get accurate results in a highly professional manner.

For any company, we incorporate your company policy with our training program...we make the training yours